Sharanya Bhagayaraj has some unique collection of fashion jewellery

Sharanya Bhagyaraj’s jewellery line is multi-faceted - Young and funky, tribal and ethnic, traditional and smacking of bazaar baubles, the boutique and even the couture ramp. She uses natural and synthetic stones, papier-mâché, German silver coated with rhodium polish, wood cloth, terracotta, buckles and zips to fashion a range of fashion jewellery for her ‘Treasure Collection.’

Every piece is handcrafted, strung and hand polished and put together in a way that catches the eye, be it the colour combinations of different synthetic stones, the mix and match of stones with rhodium polished German silver pieces, a touch of Minakari in a necklace or a take off on tradition in the pretty jhumkas or on the naqaash work on fibre pendant painted gold.

What made this Fine Arts graduate and a one-time actor in Tamil film take to jewellery designing? “I was always interested in painting and creativity. I earned my diploma in Fashion Communication in the UK and took to jewellery making after I came back. Most of my jewellery such as ‘jhumkas,’ colourful synthetic stone malais with naquash work finish and Thanjavur art pendants are made for the Indian clientele. . I also make tribal jewellery out of natural stones.” These include bead malais, bangles and anklets in which the rough stone are often painted in vivid colours.

Pointing to a lovely neckpiece with a collar like pendant adorned with a shower of zips, the artist says “I first cut the leather in the shape that I need for my design, based on my initial paper drawing. I draw each piece to be stuck on the base. In this case about a hundred zips! Each zip is stitched on to the leather and the chain is hand plaited and buttoned up at the back.

Sharanya’s leather collection includes other stunning neckpieces embellished with antique coins or huge semi precious stones.

Frame jewellery items such as a sarpech studded with semi precious as well as a unique terracotta mala with navaratna stones are interesting pieces in what she calls her ‘Jewel Art’ collection. Sharanya can be contacted at 98415 12844.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012