Clean sweep Seema Mehta, creative director of Kirtilals tells Pankaja Srinivasan how to look after her diamonds

This is going to be a fun assignment. I am on my way to meet Seema Mehta, Creative Director of Kirtilals, the diamond people since 1939. We are meeting at the huge and glittery Kirtilals showroom on Crosscut Road. I step in and am swamped by the sight and unmistakeable smell of luxury. I am politely asked what I want and when I say I have to see Ms Mehta, I am ushered in. I would love to stand and gape, but Seema is waiting to tell me about how to clean diamonds.

That’s right. There are a few tips, simple ones that will keep your diamonds sparkling for years to come.

The tips go a long way in ensuring your diamonds stay shiny. I make my way back home determined to give my one-and-a-half diamonds some tender loving care.

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Never remove your earrings over a sink or in the bathroom! It is almost certain that you will drop them and chances of their going down the drain are very good. Sit down and remove them patiently

Remember to remove your diamonds before you oil your hair or go in for a facial or a massage

Avoid touching the surface of the diamond. Always hold it on its sides or from the back. Otherwise the grease and grime dulls its shine. This is especially true for solitaires

Wrap your precious baubles in cloth and store them in hard boxes so that they do not bend and snap (especially the semi-flexible necklaces and bracelets). Do NOT use tissue to wrap your jewellery. The fuzz could dim the shine

Cleaning diamond jewellery

Put a spoonful of dishwashing liquid soap in water and put it to boil

Carefully place your diamonds into the hot water and allow to stand for two to three minutes

Remove the diamonds from the water (careful as they will be hot)

With a toothbrush gently scrub the pieces

Rinse thoroughly in clean room-temperature water

Dip it in any alcohol if you have it. This will take care of any remaining dirt on the piece

Dry with a soft cloth and put away (ensure the alcohol has evaporated entirely)

You can do the same for rubies and sapphires

NOTE: Solitaires should be cleaned at least once a month

Do not put emeralds in hot water as the stone may crack.