Shoppers for bags are spoilt for choice

Multi-coloured, bold prints, unique straps, cute accessories, sling bags and backpacks—bags are no longer just functional, but an essential style statement in a woman’s attire. A mind-boggling, eye-catching variety of bags in shops lining city streets is guaranteed to send an adrenalin rush to a shopper. In newer designs and better quality, bags are flooding the market and shopkeepers are racing to keep up with the growing demand. Consumers are literally spoilt for choice.

Monotonous colours and humdrum patterns are out. Bags now come in different materials, patterns and loud colours. Youngsters are now searching for a different look. “I mostly look for bright, colourful bags in different styles. The bag should be eye-catching, keeping up with the latest trend,” says Rajalakshmi S., a first year B.Com student. The marked changes in bags are seen not only in colours but also in handles that are twisted and plaited into different patterns. Colours have morphed from subdued shades to bold fluorescents and these ones sell out fastest.

College students prefer totes, sling bags and small backpacks and their prices range between Rs. 200 to Rs. 600.

Another significant change is in the material of the bags. Cotton bags are most preferred as they are easy to handle, washable and are reasonably priced. Sufair T. H., a shopkeeper says, “we change the designs monthly as there are regular customers who keep up with trends.”

An interesting attraction is the convertible bag that can be used both as a backpack and a handbag.

Lisa Philip, a fresh college graduate, prefers a bag that goes with every dress. “I don’t look for multi-colours now and cotton bags are out of my list during the rainy days,” she says, looking for a simple elegant bag.

The sale of branded bags and embroidered clutches are rare and are bought to be used only for occasions. Hemaprabha P., a homemaker, does not go for branded bags. She prefers a functional cotton one large enough to hold a mobile, an umbrella and a water bottle.

With the variety available one finds that bag shopping is not confined to just youngsters but many from the older generations too visit the city's shops.

The dilemma that bag shoppers now face is of choice – of not which one to buy but which one to leave behind.