What was once considered the greatest fashion misstep, denim on denim, is welcomed with open arms by the fraternity

That fashion is ever evolving, is a given. Not too long ago, coloured denims caught the world by storm and everyone from celebrities to college girls were flaunting them in shades that varied from electric blue to psychedelic pink. And just when we latched on comfortably to that trend, an almost forgotten one from the 90s is back—the denim-on-denim look!

What was once regarded a major fashion faux pas is now considered suitably hip. From Eva Longoria to Anne Hathaway, Hollywood stars are rocking the look and fashionistas here believe wearing the all denim look is not a cardinal sin — phew so that is sorted!

According to stylist and fashion blogger Kanika Karvinkop, “The denim-on-denim trend will never grow old. When you are confused about what to pick from your closet this is one look you can always go for. It is chic and trendy.”

Stylist Pranita Mehta, who runs a fashion blog Bindigasm, is also an aficionado of the denim-on-denim trend. She says: “From among so many available styles and silhouettes in denim, we all must have a few tried-and-tested denim staples in our wardrobe. If jeans are supposed to be casual, denim-on-denim is without a doubt going to be super-casual and ultra-risky.”

If you’re wondering how to pull off the trend perfectly, Pranita says: “The history of following celebrity styles shows that there should always be a contrast in your double-denim trend. However, when you wear similar colours top-to-toe, playing around with textures breaks the monotony and makes the look interesting.”

Kanika advises “wearing different shades of denim”. She adds: “Wear brown with denim to give it that classic look. Brown shoes or a brown bag or belt go well with the all denim garb.”

Collegian and aspiring model Manyata Singh says: “A chambray button up shirt paired with dark skinny jeans, a fitted denim vest to match, and super high heels can look classy as well as cool. I love wearing shorts so I even team a washed out denim pair with an indigo denim shirt and a thick brown leather belt.”

Sleeveless denim shirts are also in and can be worn with a pair of cigarette denim trousers and ankle length boots. A tailored denim blouse with shredded cut-off denim skirts/shorts and chunky accessories are for the daring.

While wearing denim on denim is cool, Kanika warns: “Don’t overdo it. So denim shoes or a denim bag teamed with denim-on-denim clothing is a strict no-no.” According to her, “colourful accessories or gold always looks great when paired with denims.”

And who can flaunt this all denim look? Pranita finds: “It suits people who want to project casual confidence. As vague as it may sound, no style seems comfortable until you experiment with it a little. However, you might want to consider choosing the right silhouette as per your body type before trying the look.”