An exhibition with a difference at the Whispering Stones where the blouses take centre stage

All those saris lying unworn in the cupboard, it is time to give them a life, with the right kind of blouses! If you are looking for that perfect blouse to add the X factor to your sari, then you should head to Whispering Stones off Trichy road.

Blouse pieces in all colours and textures and patterns are piled up. There are just fabrics, many of them the kalamkari ones with interesting borders. There are a few silk blouse pieces that come with a lining stitched on and there are the ready-to-tailor blouse pieces too that are such a boon.

Increasingly the focus has been shifting to the kind of blouses that one wears with their saris. Often, and this is not a joke, the blouses cost considerably more than the saris. And why not? All of us know the joy of wearing a pretty, well tailored and comfortable blouse. It is an uplifting experience only a sari-wearer can vouch for.

For those fortunate enough to fit into ready made blouses, there is a stunning range of ready made tussar blouses that would add miles of glamour to even the plainest of saris. The blouses come in a range upwards of Rs. 250.

The blouse extravaganza is on today and tomorrow at Whispering Stones at No 1 Perks Arch Road (off Trichy Road). It is open between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. To know more call 0422 2934151.