As part of its annual design contest Vibes 360 Degrees, Dream Zone (CADD Centre), has come up with this unique event to feature the creative work of its students from Chennai to Dehradun. T. Krithika Reddy talks to Karaiadi Selvan, managing director, CADD Centre and choreographer of the show Karun Raman.

It’s going to be a seamless showcase of style. From 9 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. today, the Chennai Trade Centre will see over 100 students and aspiring designers from across the country present over 80 sequences in a fashion marathon that’s being attempted for the Limca Book of Records.

Dream run

All about numbers

Over the last seven years the number of designers passing out of Dream Zone centres nation-wide has increased manifold. So this marathon was a natural progression. The confidence, enthusiasm and hard work of our students pushed us to create a befitting platform for them to display their skill and sincere effort. Hundred students were shortlisted from a list of 300. Students were judged on the bases of the status of their course, portfolio, maturity levels in handling concepts and themes etc. In-house events too helped us gauge their potential, but it was an arduous exercise.

An endurance test

It’s a huge challenge to pull off. The models are going to have a tough time. It’s going to be an endurance test. But since all are professional ramp walkers, I’m sure they can deliver despite minimal rehearsals. Our focus is to maintain the cheerfulness of the models throughout the show and we have planned everything towards this end.

Limca representation

The officials from the Limca Book of Records have been invited. We hope they will make it. However if they are not able to come, we will be sending them the video and show clippings to stake a claim for the record.

Planning to a T

A lot of thought and brainstorming has gone into this event. There have been situations when we had to go back to the drawing board several times. We have utilised all our resources to handle both the on-stage and off-stage arrangements. Every minute aspect has been thought through.

-Karaiadi Selvan

MD, CADD Centre

The ramp is set

With 80 sequences to pull off, choreography is extremely stressful. Planning the music to suit every line and having the fittings done for the sequences are mammoth tasks. But I’m enjoying every moment. I have never done something like this before, so it’s a nice feeling to push boundaries. The positive vibe from the students is another huge motivating factor. But yes, I’m worried about the models. Though all the 30 are professionals from Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, I can’t imagine how they would keep walking the ramp from morning to night! Though there will be brief breathers in-between sequences, this isn’t easy. We have planned the green room in such a way that everything moves systematically. Medical help will also be available. The entire proceedings will be printed and handed over to the models to avoid confusion. Each sequence will last around 10 to 12 minutes. No one has done this before. I’m super excited.

-Karun Raman