A spoof ad on skin whitening cream meant for men goes viral. The group behind this hilarious video tells the motive behind it

If fairness cream was the solution for many problems, how about extending its benefits to men’s private’s parts? That’s not our thought, but the ‘loud’ thought of a group of young men who are popular as ‘Bollywood Gandu (BG).’ “We are a group of professional stand-up comedians. We mostly deal with social issues and also issues that irk us about being an Indian. One of them is our obsession with fair skin and hence the craze to apply anything that promises ‘fairness.’ The video ‘Gore Gote’ was originally a stand-up by one of our group member, Varun Thakur, which we have refined it for YouTube. The original piece was a bit crude,” says Karan Talwar, who originally founded the group and later integrated his friends. Apart from Karan, BG constitutes of Brij Bhakta, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik and Neville Shah.

However, all said and done, Karan says, “Gore Gote is a team work which was planned, discussed and worked out to send the right message to those obsessed with fair skin and marry fair girls,” says Karan.

As a group, they understand the potential of YouTube and are keen to use it in the right way to bring about a revolution of sorts. “It is about the mindset. While comedy is a great way to put your thoughts across, it has to be devised in a way to make the watcher understand reality and think beyond the video in a constructive way,” adds Karan.

Gore Gote’s plot revolves around a man in his 20s who’s still a virgin because you know why?. Adds Karan, “We wove a pun around the need of a fairness cream and came up with ‘India’s first testicular fairness cream.’ The spoof worked out well and looks like a real ad because Roshan Abbas was gracious enough to lend his voice for the comedy video. The fact that we got over 40,000 views in a matter of 20 hours is enough proof that we really mock the fairness craze.”

BG is only a few months old and has support from Culture Machine, a production house, the team is thankful for. BG’s first video was ‘She called me Bhaiyya’ and the youngest member from the team volunteered to act despite warning from his team members of the possibility of only getting sister requests. “He was sportive enough to make the sacrifice for a real cause,” laughs Karan who is also the spokesperson for the group.

Next in mind? “We are very excited about our next project but talking about it will give away the suspense,” says Karan. And how are these young men looking at making money from their videos? “Not anywhere in the near present, but slowly we will make money. Let’s first build a base and get over the expectation of instant gratification. In our case, money,” he says.


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