Symphony of Memories, a collection of paintings by Krishnendu Sen is on display at La Gallery 360

Colours have always fascinated Krishnendu Sen. The fascination grew as he got older. He believes each colour has its own language and soul. And these colours come alive in bold brush strokes in Symphony of Memories, his collection of paintings in oil and in acrylic that is currently on exhibit at La Gallery 360.

Inspired by nature and by his surroundings, his vistas often have an abstract quality which lends a dream like feeling to them.

Born and brought up in Delhi and having lived most of his life in Gurgaon, most of the paintings in Krishnendu’s Symphony of Memories collection are from the Gurgaon landscape.

“Gurgaon is a concrete jungle; it has more of brown and less of green. As a result the colours are rather dull unlike the colours I have used for the Kerala scenes – vibrant. Kerala, for me is an artist’s paradise with its interplay of colours,” he says. The artist has six paintings which are inspired by scenes in Kerala on exhibit.

The artist who learnt the nuances of art from his grand uncle, R.K. Bose, an artist from the Bengal School of Art, honed his skills at the Department of Fine and Commercial Arts at Delhi Public School. “I don’t have a degree in art though. Art for me is more of a hobby. While I actively pursued the field in my youth, it took a back seat when work and life took over.”

He picked up the paint brush five years ago when his son, Srijan, left for the United States to pursue his education. “I felt a void and art helped fill my time and soothe my soul,” says this businessman who is chief marketing officer of T-BIG at Technopark.

Krishnendu, who enjoys reading, listening to music and watching movies, is currently working on a series of paintings based on a garden he saw in Kochi. “It is a complicated abstraction of the images I saw whilst in the garden.”

Symphony of Memories is on at La Gallery 360, Museum Bains Compound Road, until February 28. Open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the gallery is closed on Mondays.