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Updated: October 6, 2014 15:10 IST

The showman returns

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Lior Suchard, the Israeli mentalist, who goes by the title, ‘Supernatural Entertainer’will be performing in the city on Sunday.
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Lior Suchard, the Israeli mentalist, who goes by the title, ‘Supernatural Entertainer’will be performing in the city on Sunday.

Lior Suchard, known the world over for his mind reading and telekinesis abilities, will perform in Chennai

Do you have a secret that nobody knows? Well, then, stay away from Lior Suchard, the Israeli mentalist, who goes by the title, ‘Supernatural Entertainer’, whose performances have often been described both as ‘eerie and fun’ for the way he can put people in the spot and extract information without their knowledge.

He will be performing in the city on Sunday evening.

How do you describe what you do — a set of clever tricks and manipulations or supernatural intuitions?

I don’t prefer calling them tricks, I prefer to call them experiments. I play with peoples’ minds, using various psychological techniques — I use mind reading, body language reading, use non-verbal communication, memory and other underground techniques.

Apart from the classic experiments like drawing the image that people have in their minds and guessing the name of their first love, do you have anything new for those in Chennai?

In Chennai, I’m planning some never-been-seen experiments on stage, combined with classics I do all over the world. The plan is to interact with the audience and deliver a perfect combination of wonder and entertainment for the evening.

How did you develop these tricks?

Through creative thinking. How does a singer know which song he has to sing? It’s his profession, he’s supposed to know. That’s how I know which tricks to perform to which audience.

Have you ever been manipulated yourself?

Sometimes. There are a few mentalists I know who are good enough. There are not too many of them. When we meet, we educate each other in different ideas and experiments. If you ask me if I have ever been manipulated by a layman? No.

Do you respond to sceptics after all these years? Do you engage with them at all?

Yes, of course, I love sceptics. The show is not about being or not being a sceptic, the show is about having fun, experiencing wonders and positive thinking. These sceptics are my publicists because they keep talking about me all the time. I love them and want to send them flowers. Even the sceptics love my show.

Does your audience know the true nature of your craft?

Nobody knows how I do what I do — it’s not about knowing, it’s about enjoying.

Venue: Hilton Chennai

Date: June 15

Time: 6.30 p.m. onwards


Tickets are priced at Rs. 2,500 per person inclusive of cocktails and dinner.

For corporate bulk bookings and enquiries call 72999 11222.

Tickets also available at The Hindu Office

For online bookings look up,,, and

Radio Partner: Chennai Live 104.8FM

Event Manager: Horizon

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