Colourful costumes, risky stunts and loads of enthusiasm make Gemini Circus worth a visit

They glide like birds in the air, and gracefully move their bodies to the beats of a popular Hindi number. They smile all along and make it look effortless, but it is an act, which demands total control and balance of mind and body. They do their stunts from a white cloth that hangs from the ceiling. Loud cheers greet them when they take a bow. We are at VOC Park grounds and Gemini Circus is in progress. As the artists pull off risky stunts, the packed audience, especially the kids, are thrilled. ‘Ayyo jokeraa’ mutters a kid in the audience and runs to her mother seated a few chairs away. The clowns get tossed around and the kids can’t stop giggling to their silly jokes. Smart vendors know how to do business and they appear with their pink candy floss, popcorn, and aerated drinks, to tempt the children.

Suddenly, there is silence as a man appears with a pole with five swords on the top. He does stunts that involve him trying to ensure his neck is safe from the sharp blades! There is a burst of sunshine yellow, greens and blues on stage as a bunch of women appear on their cycles and twist, twirl, jump and dance, all the while cycling. A dog show brings on the laughs.

Another beautiful woman hops on to a galloping horse for a joy ride, and entertains the audience with her crazy jumps and dance movements. When the most-awaited jumbo appears on the stage, children gasp in awe. He holds a cricket bat and hits every ball to a six much to the joy of the kids. Next, he appears as a patient who faints on the stage. A ‘doctor’ elephant armed with a stethoscope, pulls his ear and treats him! When a biker vrooms and performs a death-defying jump on the stage, parents hold their kids tightly, even as they keep their eyes glued to the stage. The flying show is an exemplary act. The trapeze artists hold on to a wooden plank and swing in the air, with a protective net below. As we exit the big top, there’s already a buzz at the entrance as families with children in tow await their turn to enter the circus tent for a heady dose of entertainment.

The circus is on till June 16. The shows are at 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are priced at Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 150, and Rs. 200 (for advanced booking). For tickets, call: 72992-33849.