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Updated: November 14, 2013 20:47 IST

Stayin Alive with Night fever

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bee gees
bee gees

Night Fever who will be performing today in the city, in an email interview shares how they got hooked onto Bee Gees

Night Fever is Canadian production, a unique re-creation of one of the top acts in music industry—Bee Gees. They have performed all over the world, from Russia to the Cayman Islands, from Disney World to Las Vegas. The vocal match of John Ralphs as Barry, Michael Slute as Robin and Matthew Whale as Maurice, create an eerie sense of seeing the brothers Gibb live in concert. Capturing a full history of the Bee Gees, Night Fever includes material from the 1967 breakout album ‘Bee Gees First’ including ‘To Love Somebody’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Massachusetts’, and continuing with the earlier ‘Words’, “I Got To Get A Message to You’, and ‘I Started A Joke’.

How did Night Fever – The Bee Gees tributes happen?

John Ralph is the lead in the Night Fever Tribute and plays the role of Barry Gibb. John is friends with Barry Gibb in personal life. This is what led us to start a tribute band. The producer, Garry Lichach, put Night Fever together about 12 years ago.

How old were each of you when you got hooked on to Bee Gees?

All of us grew up listening to the famous tracks of Bee Gees, Beatles, Elvis etc.

Is there any special number which the band opens their performance with each time. Something like a favourite or a lucky track?

We usually open with Jive Talking. However, there is no specific criterion for deciding our track list. We try to capture the full history of the Bee Gees in our performance. The early traditional songs and the disco ones will take you back in time to both eras with all their hits. From the early years to the disco era, you will hear all the hits from “Too Love Somebody, How Can You Men a Broken Heart, More Than a Woman, Jive Talking, How Deep Is Your Love to You Should Be Dancing”.

Being a group who sings just like the Bee Gees, how long did it take for perfection?

Night Fever features the vocals and look of the Bee Gees with John Ralph as Barry Gibb, Michael Slute as Robin Gibb and Matthew Whale as Maurice Gibb. It took over six months of vocal rehearsal to get it to sound like the Bee Gees. Thankfully, Barry’s falsetto came naturally to us. The songs are done note for note, chord for chord, exactly like the record. Backed by a live band of studio musicians, the sound is so close that you will think you are hearing the original recording.

What inspired and still inspires the largest Bee Gees production to keep singing the Bee Gees tracks

The music of the Bee Gees itself is a great inspiration for us. It keeps us going. Also, doing it right with talented musicians makes a lot of difference.

Is this your first visit to India? If yes, what are your expectations from the crowd. If no? How was your experience on the earlier visit(s)?

It is our first visit to India. We are really looking forward to the crowd here and hope to give a rocking performance at the Black Dog Easy Evening. Hope they are able to relax and unwind as they enjoy the Bee Gees music.

What is the most requested popular request song from the crowd each time the group

There are so many popular songs. We would say ‘Stayin Alive’ is the most popular. The crowd really reacts and gets up on their feet each time we perform this song.

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