The Hindu MetroPlus Tour de Health witnessed bicycle revellers raise health awareness

There was an overwhelming response to ‘The Hindu MetroPlus Tour de Health’ — a bicycle rally conducted to mark the World Health Day on April 7. Around 200 cycling enthusiasts participated in the health ride.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mohana Vamsy, founder of Omega Hospitals said that cycling is one of the most energetic exercises of all forms of exercises across the world, and it involves most muscles of the body. He suggested that everyone should cycle at least 5 km a week to keep oneself fit.

Former Mrs India, model and a fashion designer Shilpa Reddy was all praise for the Hyderabad Bicycling Club saying that this was one thing which was needed for us Hyderabadis to increase our health quotient and also take care of pollution control on an individual basis. She added, that we need more such organisations to promote health at various levels, and said that everyone should own a bicycle.

D. V. Manohar, Chairman of Hyderabad Bicycling Club said he was very proud to be of service to the community through this club where in the last four years the strength grew from 50 to 5000 members. His target is 10,000 members this year. He thanked The Hindu for having given HBC the opportunity to be associated with this initiative.

Ch. Venkatarathnam, R.G.M – Advt (A.P.), The Hindu thanked all the sponsors and guests for having associated themselves with this initiative. He said that The Hindu would love to take this forward as an annual event.