Exhibition of cutwork and embroidered laces at Little Flower Convent

The ‘lost’ Bruges lace of Belgium, the ethereal “spun out of a spider’s web” pin lace, Limerick lace, finest cut work done anywhere in the world as well as the exquisite precision of petit point, half cross stitch and satin stitch embroidery have been lovingly nurtured in the convents of Tamil Nadu where they were first brought by Belgian nuns about 150 years ago. Today they form part of the country’s eclectic embroidery tradition and are a bench mark for elegant lifestyle.

The laces are superbly hand spun, embellishing dresses, table linen and saris, or even precious runners, and squares for table and living rooms. Bruges lace which spins a craftsmanship of ineffable delicacy is today no longer made in Belgium. These exquisite embroideries are now on display at the exhibition of “Convent Embroidery” currently on at Little Flower Convent.

Cutwork and embroidery beautifully transform table cloths, bed spreads, saris and napkins. Tiny perfectly formed roses, cornflowers, poppies and chrysanthemums, tulips and daffodils are sprayed across tea and table cloths, bed and bathroom linen as well as pastel coloured saris and children’s dresses. A touch of cutwork with embroidery and lace make for perfect value addition to saris, table and bed linen with back grounds which are in pearly off-white and pastel shades. Birds of paradise, parrots and peacocks add a colourful tropical touch.  Convent Embroidery with its touch of understated charm and craftsmanship needs to be preserved as part of our craft tradition.

The exhibition is on till March 6.