The Women’s Christian College marked the visit of Gandhiji to the campus 89 years ago with a special event

March 24. Eighty-nine summers ago, on this date, Mahatma Gandhi visited the chapel of the Women’s Christian College to address the eagerly-awaiting audience. The shadowy colonnade and the hostel garden remain as witnesses to this great event.

His very ordinary features redeemed from insignificance by a most attractive smile, he began his speech with a cheery, “My dear girls...” (Thy Daughter’s Voices)

The students of the college revisited this event on March 24 this year. of March, 2014. The event began with the singing of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem. Ridling Margret Waller, principal of the college, welcomed the guests, by reflecting upon the cherished memory of the Mahatma. His profound comment on the inscription at the chapel was once again remembered on this occasion. The inscription reads:

To the glory of God,

This chapel, the gift of an

Unknown American friend

Was built - AD 1923

He remarked, If all gave to the glory of God and remained unknown, it would be better for India.(Thy Daughters’ Voices)

While ‘Meeting the Mahatma’ a narration by the students talked about the life of the Mahatma, the presentation by Prof. Titty Elizabeth Philips, head of the History department, spoke about his inspiring life and holistic approach.

The students clad in ethnic wear depicted the theme of unity in diversity by lighting earthenware lamps and placing them on an outline of India. The lighting of the lamp was significant too, since the college motto is “Lighted to Lighten”.

After the inauguration, the chief guest V.R. Devika, cultural activist (founder-trustee of Aseema, a non-profit organisation) addressed the gathering. She requested the students to have a holistic approach to history.

The programme concluded with an inter-collegiate quiz hosted by Ravi Seshadri, vice-president, Bharti AXA General Insurance. The quiz was won by the team from IIT.