When big names from the art circuit unleash their creativity through graphic prints, a wide variety of subjects get explored in the process. This time, senior artists like Chippa Sudhakar, K.L. Laxma Goud, T. Vaikuntam and P.D. Dhuman and others speak through their exhibits mounted on the walls of Shrishti Art Gallery at an exhibition.

Learning nuances

Every year at his residential studio, Chippa Sudhakar organises a printmaking workshop to popularise the art form among youngsters. “Unlike a painting, where an artist sits in a corner and paints on his canvas, printmaking needs equipment and is a less practicing art. I want to spread this art form among budding artists. At these workshops, students of art get a chance to interact with senior artistes and learn about the nuances of the art form,” he says. The workshop happened in January this year and the works are part of the 10th edition print.

Sumedh Kumar speaks loud and clear through his work ‘Beauty and the Beast’ done in etching. While Anjali Goel’s ‘Perfection’ leaves one thoughtful, Amar Jain impresses with his ‘Sailing in the sea of spices’.

One stops and takes a pause at Sudhakar’s work titled ‘Best in Class 16 Ltr 9D1 Engine’ done in etching. He got inspired when he saw a car advertisement in newspapers raving about its engine performance. “We see machines which are packed with machinery inside but from outside, its surface is transparent. Just like that, a human being’s talent is inside and he gets selected according to the skill,” he says. If ace artist Laxma Goud’s untitled work is done in indaglio, senior artist P.D. Dhumal depicts ‘Hy bad’. Hyderabad-based Kiran Kumar studied in Baroda and his ‘Judwa’ is a realistic take. “People wear masks all the time. According to circumstances, they change their masks and behave,” he says. The tree at Chippa Sudhakar’s house where Kiran Kumar participated in the workshop also features in his work.

The exhibition is on till July 26 between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.