The Band’s Visit (April 17, 6.15 p.m.) talks about a small Egyptian police band that gets lost in a town

Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi (April 17, 7.45 p.m.) revolves around a 16-year-old genius who is more interested in household chores and his love interest than studies

Or My Treasure (April 18, 6.15 p.m.) narrates the story of a teenager who’s choices narrow as her mother’s life gets complicated

Avanim (April 18, 8 p.m.) follows a married woman whose life is shattered at the unexpected death of her lover  

Life According To Agfa (April 19, 6.15 p.m.) is set in a Tel Aviv pub, and takes an unexpected violent turn

Turn Left At The End Of The World (April 19, 8 p.m.) brings together an Indian and a French girl, their friendship, hardship and surprises

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