Amritha Krishna’s exhibition of paintings Vibgyor is a mix of landscape and abstract paintings

A delicate painting of birds in a wooded forest exudes an air of serenity. An abstract image of a boy and girl draws you in. Amritha Krishna’s exhibition of paintings, Vibgyor, has an ethereal beauty, with a play of colours and light and shade. “There is a mix of mostly landscape paintings and a few abstract paintings. I have used three media, oil paints, oil pastels and watercolour,” says Amritha.

Amritha completed her Masters in Industrial Design from The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and has worked in various capacities as an architect, interior designer and product designer. She finds that design and art “are intricately interwoven” and that both complete and complement one another. “When you make a design, there is logic to it and it is made for a particular purpose. But design also has aesthetics to it. In art there is design too and art enhances design.”

The artist in Amritha is inspired by ordinary things of everyday life, the beauty of which often escapes our notice. “For example, I have made a painting of lightening and thunder, which is a common occurrence. In Kerala, where I grew up, it rains heavily during the monsoons. When it rains in the afternoon, the skies turn dark and it looks as though it is late evening, even though the sun hasn’t yet set. I have captured how the rain falls and lightening crashes. I read a lot, you get many visual images from books and even from songs.”

Amritha has had a passion for the arts and creative crafts since childhood. Vibgyor is her first exhibition of paintings. “I have painted a lot during the last one year or so,” says Amritha.