Get set for a musical treat tomorrow amidst nature

It is twilight, birds twitter as they return to their nests, the surrounding trees sway in the breeze. Visualize this amidst the soft vocal strains of Abhishek Raghuram with Lalgudi Rajalakshmi on violin and young Anantha R. Krishnan supporting on the mridanga. Making this ‘Music amidst nature’ happen is the music couple Jayanthi and Kumaresh, under the auspices of Home Records in association with Tamarind Tree.

The veena-and-violin duo, working towards spreading music awareness in people wanted a first-of-its-kind concert in the city. They wanted it to be away from the closeted air-conditioned halls and throw open the experience to a participative exchange.

“Art is remembered experience, says the tagline of Home Records,” explains Jayanthi. “Under this forum we bring out musical recordings and concerts in different genres as classical, contemporary, world music, fusions, religious and meditation series. This time we wanted to do something live that is singularly unusual and with it begin a series where a family can take time off to be part of nature and music. With snacks and coffee to entertain the taste buds, your eyes get a treat of nature while the aural experience will be the ‘collective memorables’ to take home.”

The concert would be hard-core Carnatic classical says Kumaresh. “The idea is to make it a short cultural-travel for the family, while we aim to build in more audiences with all age-groups coming together to get into an interactive mood.”

To make ‘listening to music’ be an unforgettable ‘visit to grandma’s house in a village’ kind of experience is what Jayanthi and Kumaresh can best compare such ventures to. Jayanthi adds, “The performing team would have two grandsons with their grandmother Lalgudi Rajalakshmi accompanying them on the violin for some traditional melodic interpretations.”

Home Records’ - Music amidst nature is on tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Tamarind Tree, Avalahalli, Off Kanakapura Road. Tickets are available at or at the venue.