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Visual language does the talking

Through watercolours, Indian and Chinese artists hold a mirror to the transition of traditions in the two countries »
Harith Iskander and Papa CJ. Photo: R. Ravindran

When comedy is serious business

The show was supposed to start at 8 p.m. It’s 9.20 when I walk into a restaurant at the Chariot Hotel to meet the comedians who are yet to take the stage for the evening. »
A practice session for the Coimbatore Marathon. Photo: K. Ananthan

Get off the couch and slip into your shoes

Are you ready for the big Marathon? Get set by training with the Coimbatore Runners »
Sur Sagar Society of Delhi Gharana is organising a concert, “Tirangee Malhaar”, to pay tribute to this unsung hero of the nationalist movement.

Colours of gratitude

Lots of people know who Betsy Ross was. Part of the reason that the woman credited with stitching the first American flag is so well known across the world is that her memory is highly glorified in... »
Huge community of yoga practitioners.
July 25, 2014

Mind over matter

The city of Bangalore boasts of a growing yoga community – one that is constantly challenging itself in different ways. In this scenario, the arrival and one year anniversary of Yoga Matters only s... »
Telling tales Anjum Hasan
Bangalore, July 23, 2014

Sophie Das’s choice

A cup of lemon tea and vegan cookies on a Saturday evening with your favourite author is something no book lover would give a miss. And if the author happens to be city-based novelist Anjum Hasan,... »
A scene from the play Noises Off
KOCHI, July 23, 2014
MPTF 2014

When the curtains go up

It’s theatre time folks! Put aside the humdrum of your routine schedule and get ready for a weekend of unalloyed entertainment. Curtains go up on August 8 on The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest, the... »
“Hip hop is not something you can learn in a studio,” insists organiser Phani Kumar. Photo: M. Vedhan
chennai, July 22, 2014

Hip Hopping their hearts out

It’s only 3 p.m., but there’s already loud music spilling out of the auditorium at the Goethe Institut. The 35 dancers inside can’t help but twitch their toes as DJ Phani Kumar, organiser of the I... »
Jujubee A message to take home With a little dose of interesting images and action
Bangalore, July 20, 2014

A week full of theatre

This week will be one full of theatricals of sorts. Coming to enthral theatre lovers this week are two plays that promise to make you think, laugh, cry and ponder over larger-than-life questions o... »
Blues Conscience opened the night with an instrumental off their album that was something of a teaser for what was in store that night. Photo: M. Vedhan
Chennai, July 20, 2014

A darker shade of blue

Blues Conscience calls itself a three-piece band that on ‘good days’ becomes a five-piece one. With Anek Ahuja on lead vocals and bass, Aum Janakiram on guitars and Neil Smith on drums, Blues Consc... »
Neeti Palta
July 18, 2014

Laughing the night away

Stand-up comedian Neeti Palta is in the city to tickle your funny bone with her brand of humour, her perspective towards life and everything in between. So get ready to roll with laughter at Somepl... »
July 17, 2014

‘Hanuman’: Shraddha’s new play

Shraddha returns with its new production ‘Hanuman’ from July 20-23, 7 p.m., at Narada Gana Sabha. Written and directed by Sreevathson V, the Tamil play, like Shraddha’s earlier ventures, pr... »
Asha Bhosle thanking her listeners for making her a phenomenon Photo: Monica Tiwari
New Delhi, July 16, 2014

Asha, once more!

“I have always been brutally honest about my life and perhaps that’s why the youth has always stood by me,” says Asha Bhosle on the sidelines of “Asha Ji - A Brimful Of Magic”, an event organised... »
The triathlon is an athletic contest comprising three levels — swimming, cycling, and running, where the participants finish all the three in this sequence. Photo: R. Ragu
chennai, July 14, 2014

Three times the challenge

I never knew how the city looked at 5 a.m. I have woken up early to catch flights but I have never soaked in the sights, sounds and smells of the morning. When the members of the Chennai T... »

Hip and happening night

Revealing Ancient Secrets

A celebration of cinema

Singing the century in

Etching creatively

A courtyard of ideas

Awarding Excellence

The Little Festival is back

July 25, 2014

Captive, but need care

Friends of Elephants is hosting a special programme “Care In Captivity” on July 27 which looks at various aspects of elephants in captivity.The programme will take you through the life of ti... »
MPTF brings Noises Off to Coimbatore
COIMBATORE, July 23, 2014
MPTF 2014

Lines of laughter

The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest first came to Coimbatore in 2010. And the tremendous response from the people here has it returning for the fifth year running. This time, there are three entertai... »
chennai, July 23, 2014

Call for closet comedians

By 8.30 in the evening, the small space at the Ashvita Nirvana café is packed. Each time someone opens the door and tries to enter the room, they whack a minimum of three other people and squeeze... »
DOG WHISPERER Shirin Merchant
Bangalore, July 21, 2014

What’s your dog saying?

Shirin Merchant is India’s first certified canine behaviourist and is renowned as one of the top dog trainers in the world. She has worked with over 6,000 dogs and has made a difference in the live... »
A NEW VIEW Director Rita Banerji
Bangalore, July 20, 2014

Learning to save the wild

The camera trails all sorts of creatures being sold in the bustling market in a remote village in Nagaland, North East India. There are limp but colourful exotic birds being heaped on the ground, b... »
Mexican dishes dished out at the ongoing food festival.
July 18, 2014

Mexican flavours

A cheerful, colourful ambience greets visitors at the ongoing Mexican Food Festival at The Eatery of Four Points by Sheraton. The food spread here attempts to give the authentic flavours of... »
Exhibits from the museum
New Delhi, July 17, 2014

Seeing colours

While art objects sold at record breaking prices often make headlines, how often do we hear about those who collect them or any art collector regardless of where he/she buys from? Art collectors i... »
IRONING OUT PROBLEMS A child shares a photograph of his workplace
Bangalore, July 17, 2014

My story, my eyes

Chinnu, all of 13, wants to ride bikes and become an engineer. That’s his dream. But reality is very different for this boy who works in the Madiwala vegetable market after he finishes school. His... »
Ashwin Rao Photo:K.Ananthan
COIMBATORE, July 14, 2014

Mostly funny, sometimes not

For stand-up comedy to work, the performer should be able to poke fun at you and still make you laugh. He or she has to move with the times and not depend on the same set of tired jokes. Th... »
The concert was more than just an exhibition of the duo’s talent. Photo: M. Srinath
chennai, July 14, 2014

Siblings strike a chord

Chelsea and Chloe De Souza closed their concert with ‘I Could’ve Danced All Night’, that iconic song from My Fair Lady. It summoned the differing moods of the music that evening. It also sho... »

Run for heritage

A college with a varied heritage

Football’s funny side

It’s all about the place

A Peasant of El Salvador

Created from Nature

A protégé pays tribute

Fusion for a cause

The Hindu presents the all-new Young World