Enrich Salon pampers you with wine, volcanic mud and a hundred different aromas

If you're wondering why there are a lot of people walking down the aisles of ITPL Road's Hypercity, you would probably do well to peep into the corner occupied by the Enrich Salon.

Equipped with every beauty and grooming need, Enrich is a unisex salon where women would be happy to spend a few hours, even away from shopping (believe me, you need that kind of time). The salon has some good spa treatments, combining spa and beauty needs.

First thing they do when you enter is to check your skin and hair condition and give you a low-down on what kind of treatment you need. They have a whole range of facials with some exotic ingredients including black volcanic mud from Alaska and red wine. They also have hair treatments, including hair spas that match the needs of your hair (like shine, anti-dandruff, texture enhancing). Of course, you could opt for a hair-cut while you're at it.

Then there are the aromatic mani-pedis and reflexology treatments. I chose to do an aromatic pedicure with a foot reflexology treatment that left my feet smiling and quite smug about their new combination of scents.

In the reflexology treatment, the salon uses either lavender or peppermint oil depending on the dryness. The pedicure treatment begins with a softening soak in orange oil, then an exfoliating jasmine scrub, a soothing lavender cream massage and finally a mask. The reflexologist, who also does the pedicures, did quite a thorough job of it.

After the long overdue foot pampering, I was due for a “Pearl Glow” facial. The facial brings a glow to dull and damaged skin and hydrates it, even helps prevent further irritation. The warm application and massage by the therapist leaves you crying for more. The facial ends with a clayey mask of pure dried Alaskan volcanic mud that makes all the difference. Unfortunately, I had to end with the first application of the mask since I had another commitment. But already, the difference was obvious. My face retained the glow over the week.

But that's not all, the Salon also has homegrown flavoured waxing treatments (apart from the regular wax and bleaching). “We suggest the flavour according to the skin type. For instance, we recommend orange for tanned skin, dark chocolate for thin hair or green apple for dry skin. Flavoured wax reduces hair growth; it's not sticky like regular wax. Plus, it costs only about 30 rupees extra,” says Trupti, the salon's associate manager.

“The salon also values hygiene. The staff keeps a check on the resources and the cleanliness every hour. We use only disposable gowns and towels,” adds Trupti.

You could also choose from a variety of their body treatments ranging from exfoliation, massage, body wraps, full arms, full legs therapies to sparkling back therapies.

Waxing treatments begin at around Rs. 30 (for the upper lip) and Rs. 1,950 (for the whole body). Facials begin at around Rs. 500 for basic treatments like rejuvenation and go on to about Rs. 2,500 for specialised treatments like the “Pearl Glow”. Enrich Salon is located in Hypercity, Kundalahalli Gate, ITPL Road, Brooke Field. Call 42247273 or visit www.enrichsalon.com.