The ongoing exhibition at Dhoomimal City Gallery has a mix of artists engaging with myriad subjects

The exhibition, ‘The New Dawn’, is an eclectic collection of paintings and sculptures by noted artists like Thota Vaikuntam, Bikash Poddar, Anand Panchal, Shuvendu Sarkar and Pushpa Devi and is being held at the Dhoomimal City Gallery, New Delhi till December 31. Showcasing a radiant diversity of painting techniques and styles, the show comprising 25 creations is a visual treat for the viewers.

Thota Vaikuntam captures the life of the villagers, the temple rituals, the paddy fields, in his works ranging from stark charcoal on paper to transparent washes and pencil drawings.

Bikash Poddar paintings are all about nature, depicting the bond he shares with the scenic and natural beauty. Through the medium of watercolours, Poddar develops a relationship with nature.

Anand Panchal embraces a narrative style. “The village has been the backdrop of my work. The children follow their elders, they get influenced by them.. I have seen culture of a village. The innocence of a child has always intrigued me. I have worked so much in representing the innocence of a child in my paintings that it gradually became the main concept of my work,” says the artist.

Reality influences the artist, Shuvendu Sarkar to express his feelings through his art. “I paint whatever catches my attention. The common man, the old havelis and the old lanes are depicted in my paintings. When you pass that old lane, you recall that place, you recall the people living there, the area, and I also believe you can walk through those lanes when you see my paintings.”

The comprehensive and diverse collection of paintings by the contemporary artists is able to establish a connection between what the viewers see and the underlying thoughts of the artists.