The club by the bay returns in a chic and edgy avatar

It's back — this time prettier and swankier! Sprawled across 4,500 sq-ft on the sands of the East Coast, EC 41 is alive again after a 10-year hiatus. During its decade-long hibernation, numerous night spots and resto-bars cropped up across the city, some even becoming immensely popular. But, this prima donna from the past seems to be on a mission to regain her top spot and win back her regulars. “The USP of EC 41 is that it's a beach club. It has a shack kind of a feel, and is a comfort zone where people can come in their beach clothes and flip flops, and enjoy the food, drink and music,” says Zahir Naina, Business Development and Operations at EC 41.

The late-night curfew had been one of the reasons for EC 41 to shut shop. Though time regulations still remain on all restaurants and hang outs, this popular spot from early 2000 has been reopened as part of the VGP group's expansion plans. “VGP Golden Beach Resort is getting a facelift and turning in to a five-star property. The plans include a coffee shop, spa and night club. And, this is the first step,” explains Zahir.

Facing the sea, it gives the impression of looking at the waves from the deck of a ship. The view during the afternoons and early evenings is spectacular as you can watch foamy white waves crash into the shore. Watch the sun set and an unusually amber moon take to the sky. As it gets darker, the place is washed in silvery moonlight.

There are two levels that include a lounging and dining area done up with comfy cane couches and seats that resemble conch shells. The interiors designed by Chirag Kapoor follow minimalist styling, with an open-to-air ground level and thatched ceiling for the upper level. It's rather pallid, but the rotating lights, big TV screens and party-goers in bright outfits add a touch of colour to its largely white decor. That's probably why the club provides a sense of calm in spite of the loud, foot-tapping, hip-shaking music. “Not just the music, our drinks and food menu is quite interesting as well. Our chef is from Mumbai and he conjures up dishes — Continental and fusion to combo meals,” informs Zahir. Their signature dish is the wrapster. As for the drink, try the Coco Bungo, a Jamaican drink with tender coconut and its water.

Oh, and there is good news for women — EC 41 celebrates Pink Fridays every week, wherein every woman dressed in pink or with a pink accessory gets two pink cocktails — on the house. But fret not even if you aren't in shades of the cherry blossom. Go on and have a good time by shaking a leg and letting the music uplift your spirit. Or, just sink your toes in the sand, settle down with a drink, and allow the playful wind to caress your face.

EC 41 is open from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. all days except Mondays.


Priyadarshini PaitandyJune 28, 2012