Auroville Bakery, known for its great bakes at nominal prices, is a must-visit for all those who love Puducherry

Up the hill from Periyamudaliarchavady on the East Coast Road, en route Auroville, lies the Bakery. You can't miss the brick wall and the bougainvillea arch.

A warm smell of baking welcomes you to this paradise, known for its croissants, cakes and a variety of breads and biscuits. Started in 1992, the bakery also called boulangerie, serves from 6.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Sunday is a holiday. If the cashier likes you, he'll let you in to see how these delicacies are made.

A trip here would be useless if you miss the croissants, especially the apple and chocolate varieties. These buttery puff pastries come with either cooked apple or slivers of chocolate melting in them. They're almost magical and their sweetness isn't overbearing.


There are over 80 kinds of cakes here. You can also get different types of bread. The garden outside is an idyllic place covered with bamboo, earthen dinosaur-like eggs and a pond. Its best that you get there before the sun is overhead. There's a café here too where you can have unlimited coffee for Rs. 10. There are also pizzas (which come in large slices), burgers and excellent omelettes. They are really fresh and tasty and they don't taste like regular fast food. Their pancakes are great too. Wash them down with hibiscus juice, under the green plastic shed. The green light makes everything else wear a mild pink.

The shop sports a colourful notice board with everything from music concerts, plays, events and advertisements for roommates, travel buddies, houses and used vehicles. Breakfast at the bakery is the best way to start your Pondy weekend.

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