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Updated: February 8, 2010 19:58 IST

Dull to dazzling

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TIPS Don't let humidity harm your hair. A little care can give you lustrous locks

Humidity can cause a lot of hair problems such as dullness and hair fall. Here are a few ways of tackling them.

Dull hair

Humidity can turn hair sticky, limp and dull; remember the following.

*Avoid excessive use of hair dryer and hair styling products

*Apply a few drops of serum for setting hair, to help with broken ends. It also works as a conditioner

*Henna applied to hair roots helps

* A mild conditioner after shampooing makes dull hair healthy

Hair fall

Humidity results in profuse perspiration on the scalp.

This leads to itching, weakening of hair and ultimately hair fall. Try these…

* Wash hair regularly

*Keep short hair for more oxygen and easy maintenance

*Apply oil to hair and wrap it with a hot towel

* Avoid chemicals, dyes and hair dryer

*Give rest to the body

Curl trouble

Hair turns curly after a shower or when exposed to moisture. Points to remember…

*Do not comb or brush vigorously

*Do not tie wet hair; or tightly when dry

*Sprinkle water on hair before applying leave-on conditioner

*To tackle curls, use Velcro rollers after sprinkling water on hair, and steam with a shower cap on.

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