A group of artists give shapes to their dreams in the latest exhibition at the Salar Jung Museum

To escape from the harsh summer sun by losing oneself in the labyrinths of the Salar Jung Museum is not such a bad idea. Hanging out at the museum going through the artefacts and revisiting history and art could be a novel experience. Apart from the regular displays, the museum hosts exhibitions of works by various artists too. Their latest art exhibition titled ‘Dreamscapes' celebrates modern Indian art through an artist's perception and vision and explores the realms of the sub conscious mind.

Using colours and blocks, artist Ramakrishna Malo's work reflects order in the midst of colours. Whether it's a silhouette of a bird emerging out of riotous colours, or the glimpse of an urban life created in a series of geometric blocks, colours dominate the canvas. Jayanta Chakraborty's ‘Maaya' series depicts the face of a woman which exists in the artist's imagination and her contradicting nature symbolised through an owl. His painting of a summer afternoon in a dark, grim forest covered with dried yellow leaves is a play of light and shadow.

Ajay Singh Peelwa's work focuses around the chess board. Human nature and society is portrayed through his black and white chequered canvas. His love for the equestrian beauty is reflected in the bright neon colours that stand out against a pitch black backdrop. A brooding and suspicious Adam eying the symbolic Apple — a fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil — is a symbolic representation by Maushmi Ganguly. Artist Vikas Kalra finds inspiration in his surroundings. Men eying the women represent a scene from Capital city and the series of blurry figures lost in the midst of dark psychedelic hues is a typical night in Goa reflects the artist's love for contemporary scenes. Paintings by Akhilesh Kumar, Abhijeet Halder, Himanshu, Prabir Sarkar are also on display.

The exhibition is on display at the East Wing of the Salar Jung Museum till March 22.

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