Neha aspired to become an actor even while in college. A Chennai girl, she was studying for her BBA in Puducherry when she got the opportunity to fulfil her dream. A mutual friend introduced her to director Ashik who signed her up for his Vu. Now that her talkie portions are completed and she has finished her BBA, Neha is all set to dig deeper into Kollywood. “Although the real hero of Vu, so to speak, is Thambi Ramaiah, I am paired with Varun. I appear in three different roles in the course of the movie. I cannot reveal much about it, except say the film has all the necessary ingredients to make it a commercial entertainer,” says Neha, who has two duets with Varun, in Vu.

Bharadwaj is back

Music director Bharadwaj is on a high, for his 75th film is getting ready — incidentally, it’s his 10th for director Saran. Yes, Saran is back after a short hiatus with Senthatti Kalai Sevatha Kaalai. Saran has cast Vinay in a dual role in the film which has three heroines — Samuthrika, Kaambari and Shilpi Verma. Bharadwaj has composed some of his best tunes for Saran and, no doubt we can expect a few more chartbusters for SKSK. Says Bharadwaj: “Saran’s screenplay warrants not just the six songs of usual length, but much more. There are 15 other songs of 30 seconds duration each, which will be part of the scenes as they unfold. All this will surely make the film a good musical.” After a short break during which Bharadwaj was busy completing a couple of non-film projects, he is back with two more films besides SKSK, one each in Tamil and Telugu.

Short and sweet

Her debut was Leelai, released last year. But Suhasinni Raju was not in a hurry to take up every offer that came her way, for she wanted to do a role that would give her satisfaction as well as entertain viewers. Meanwhile, a few like-minded friends were making a short film and approached her to help out with the whole process as well as do a cameo and Suhasinni obliged. “The script was unique and the effort was an honest approach to do meaningful cinema. I thought I should do something to support upcoming talent. That’s how Vetti Bandha happened,” says Suhasinni. Vetti Bandha is Kumaran Thangarajan’s debut effort and he also plays one of the three protagonists. The other two are played by Kiran Konda and Jean Moses. Says Kumaran: “Vetti Bandha is a movie that will appeal to the younger generation with its non-logical humour. Shot on a shoestring budget, it revolves around three friends and their alter egos, and how they come out of it,” The short film was screened for a select audience at AVM Preview Theatre on Sunday.