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Think ‘Lifestyle’ reporting is all fun and games? Remember games are less fun when they’re work. As this reporter discovered during a visit to a theme park. First she had to endure an overly-chatty magician who insisted on tugging coins out of her ears. Then she was hauled on stage by a dancer and made to spin till her hair curled with horror. Finally, she had to ‘try out’ the theme park’s brand new maze. Which had no lights. Though it did contain dog poop. Which she walked into. And you think you’re having a crappy day?

Silence is golden

When a legendary actor’s controversial film got banned last week, he was hoping for voices from the industry to support him.

The vocal support came but not the way he would’ve liked it to. Top actors who spoke said they wished the actor could talk with the ones calling for the ban and resolve the matter soon.

Little did the actors realise they were better off keeping quiet instead of endorsing censorship by the mob.

The film industry wouldn't dare to speak against the State. After all, exemption from entertainment tax is at the sole discretion of the government.

Limited memory?

This reporter was at an interview when her pen stopped writing towards the end. While pretending to still take down notes, she was desperately trying to remember everything that was being said. As she rose to leave, the interviewer said, “I hope your memory is not like your pen.”

Say monkeys

At a recent trip to Vedanthangal, this reporter — as well as many of the tourists — were impressed with the antics of a troupe of monkeys, as they were with the exotic birds. Two adult monkeys particularly wowed the crowds, as they took care to groom each other, all the while posing for the cameras.

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