Here are some last-minute tips to spruce up your home for Deepavali in case you haven't already done it, says NEETI SARKAR

Deepavali is here already. And with the Festival of Lights there is a lot of planning and preparation one needs to do. The early birds have probably got their houses cleaned and distempered and are even sending out invites for a Deepavali card party.

But if you haven't started giving your house its annual makeover, there's no need to fret because this time around Deepavali home décor is all about being simplistic, innovative, quirky and even eco-friendly.

Here's what you can do to give your abode that festive look.

Clean up your living room and change the drapes. Bring in some vibrant colours such as red, yellow, mustard and orange. Make sure you get a new set of ethnic cushion covers, preferably ones with mirror-work or embroidery on them for your sofa set.

Fab India is where you need to head to. They have a wide range of mull and Chanderi curtains, silk cushion covers, tablecloths and bed linen you could choose from.

Polish your brass urlis. Or you could go in for terracotta urlis that are all the rage now. All you need to do is visit a handicraft exhibition in the city to pick up one.

Deepavali is about diyas, so make sure your supply doesn't run out. Diya-shaped candles are also a good choice. Scented candles are a must. Don't forget to collect rose petals and floating diyas for the urli. But if you want the lighting to be quirky, you could order the uber-cute Glow Cuppa Deepavali Tea lights from Quirko ( Chumbak ( has a killer range of ethnic shot glass candles which you can use as shot glasses once the candles are used up. Their candle jars depict Indian monuments and come in different flavours.

Omi Gurung, Fashion designer and proprietor of Oh My India, a Bangalore-based eco-design initiative, says: “A simple tip is to use vegetables and fruits for eco-friendly diyas. You can use capsicum, papaya or coconut. All you need to do is scrape the inner part and make it hollow and then covert it into a diya holder.” Lampshades bring that extra bit of glow. You could also get your kids to help you make paper lanterns and use them to decorate the porch. LED lights are popular this year. There are many lifestyle stores where you can do candle shopping.

Deepavali is also a time to buy silver. Pooja thalis and bells in different sizes that are available in several jewellery stores can be used to decorate the house. Gold bordered colourful bamboo mats can be used to give a more traditional look to your house. These are available at almost any lifestyle store. Go berserk with rangoli. Multihued patterns are in. Instead of rangoli colour, use petals. And they don't have to be only Marigolds. Chrysanthemums and carnations are a good choice. Orchids are also being picked up for this purpose. Use mud vases for a change. Buy a few inexpensive ones from a potter. Paint and decorate them any way you wish to.

If you're looking to bring in more innovation, order rangoli patterns made of felt from Curious Craft ( One can always re-invent and innovate further.