First of all it depends on where it comes from. Hard-earned money is so different from a windfall. We treat money that we win, discover or inherit much more frivolously than hard-earned cash.

Easy come, easy go.

I just heard about someone who got a generous gift voucher from Hyderabad’s most expensive store and she went ahead and indulged in scented candles at scandalous prices. And guess what she discovered: the candles don’t light for long because the wick soon becomes a wire and as we all know wire cannot be lit and to coat a wire with wick in the middle of burning a candle is almost impossible if not downright impossible. The store, when contacted, said they had never got a complaint before and I think it’s because no one in their right minds would burn away such expensive candles! Look around you and you will notice that people love gifting candles and people love receiving them but the candles themselves just sit and get dusty and never get lit.

A small boy of ten gets a gift of money from his grandfather and deposits it with his mother and thereafter like a never ending waterfall, demands of said money are made. Same boy with his own pocket money is seen in small shops counting how many sweets are in the tiny plastic bag before he parts with his money.

Money is money is money, right? Actually no!

If at the end of the year after much scrimping you are left with some money, chances are you will use it to replace the old car, renovate what is now crumbling corners, or some such much wanted and useful thing. However, if you happen to get the same money through a lottery then chances are you may just go on that Alaskan cruise you have always dreamed about.

Money is money is money, right? Actually No!

One goes to the Races to have fun and maybe to lose what’s in your pocket. In fact you are ready to win more (naturally) but at the same time not exactly heartbroken at having lost the amount you came with. (I am of course not referring to punters who go to bed with Original Vale)

The same applies to casual games of Rummy. The intent is to enjoy and not win the Rs 200 and that’s how ‘Gusso’ masters were conceived. You ‘gusso’ into every game whether the cards are good or not and somewhere down the line the cards improve.

Money is money is money, right? Actually No!

When you are in the process of making a film you nonchalantly cross the country with lakhs in your briefcase with courage and conviction (a briefcase by the way carries exactly Rs 6 lakhs in Rs 500 notes). But nowadays you dare not cross the road with even one lakh? For all the explanations in the world will sound hollow.

Money is money is money, right? Actually No!