Who is a corporate assassin? Someone like you and me who doesn't really look like a person “who kills for money”. But perhaps, beneath the suave exterior, he is just a predator who lurks in a concrete jungle looking for prey.

Wulf is an investment entrepreneur with a rather quirky hobby. When he's not out crunching numbers, he kills for money. While he tries to take on a new assignment, he meets a girl who wants revenge over her brother's murder. What happens to them in the course of finding the killer forms the core plot.

“Corporate Assassin”, a 26-minute telefilm by Frame One, a group of Visual Communication students from Loyola College, is short and to the point. At its launch, Radha Ravi, General secretary, South Indian Film Artistes' Association, and director-duo Pushkar and Gayathri applauded the effort of the second year students.

“The film is well-made, and has good music. The leads played their characters well. The stunts were good for a first-time effort, though there were some weak links. But this film is surely a calling card if the team is planning to step into mainstream media. My only grouse is that it could've had a better reach had it been made in Tamil too,” said Pushkar. Added Gayathri: “The technical aspects of the film are sound, and look rich and professional. There were many portfolios too, something you don't usually find in a students' film.”

Titeesh Huxar, the director, said all proceeds from the film will go to charity, “We're all fans of Alfred Hitchcock, and the film is inspired from his kind of movies. When we decided to step into media, we thought we would do something to give back to society.”

Radha Ravi, who unveiled the first DVD of the telefilm, said that “you must make movies for good scripts, and not for heroes. Youngsters must take inspiration from directors such as Bhimsingh, and associations such as ours will be around to support good cinema”.

Frame One's team comprises Kevin Darwin (cinematography), Melwin Leo (creative head), Arumainayagam (stunts), Sweety Paveena (production manager), Agnel and Rajkamal (editing), Shammeer and Siva (Paadhai – Music), Crystal (Assistant Director) and Sajeevan (sound engineer).

“Corporate Assassin” is available at Loyola College's Visual Communication department for Rs. 60. For details, call 97105-76397 or email frameone@yahoo.co.in.

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Anusha ParthasarathyJune 28, 2012