Decorate your homes with Italian silverware

It is the artistic margerita motifs that capture your attention as you zoom in on the Stilarte range of silverware from Italy at The Collections, UB City. Next is the finesse of pure form of silver showcased in photo frames, vases, candle holders, clocks and beautiful tea lamps. Other attractions are the crystal ware from Pierre Cardin and Arde. “The floral motif is the logo of the company and it lends an exclusivity to the design,” says Bela Bose of The Gift Shop, Delhi, who is the distributor of Stilarte in India.

All the products carry a guarantee for tarnish treatment and quality of silver. “All the decorative and utility items come in the purest form of silver on resin and there are no alloys,” she adds. The prices start at Rs.1,500 and go up to Rs. 50,000. You have exquisite small bowls (Rs.1, 650), Mughal style vases (Rs. 9,000), candle holders (Rs.1,500), small photo frames (Rs. 3,100) and lamp stands (Rs. 22,500) to choose from. A breeze bowl, which captures the rotation of the wind, is priced at Rs.16,000. “All the products are maintenance-free. Just dust it with a soft cloth and keep it away from detergents and alcohol,” says Bose. Elegant geometric vases and platters come in varying sizes and are available in silver and in combinations with crystal. There are artistic tea lights too that come at Rs. 3,500.

Multi-purpose silver pots come in three sizes and prices begin at Rs. 3,600. “You can use them for drinking water or growing plants. To ensure protection to the metal, the interiors are treated and have a soft finish,” she says.

The Arde range of crystalware sport silver motifs on the outside. For instance, the cake platter —priced at Rs. 9,800, the design becomes complete with a silver base and crystal cutlery (priced above Rs. 4,000) with margarita-adorned silver handles. Crystal baskets (with cinnamon sticks in it, lending an uplifting fragrance) sport knick knacks of silver on them.

Among photo frames, you have the traditional mirror frame that can be replaced with a photo and modern crystal frames with strips of silver on both sides.

Pierre Cardin crystal flower vases come in striking red and black combinations. The decorative silver leaf motifs used on the outside enhance the look. There are black crystal vases too with silver motifs on it. Do not miss the vases and candle holders in black crystal that come with a golden shimmer. A Pierre Cardin lamp shade (priced at Rs. 51,000) comes with a very thick layer of silver and is the costliest exhibit.

The Mythological collection has a crawling Ganesha (Rs. 3,500), moon Ganesha (Rs. 25,000) and Lakshmi with a gold finish and studded with Swarovski stones (Rs.13,000). The exhibition is on at The Collection, UB city, No.114 (first floor), till January 31.The products are available at The Gift Room, first floor, Monarch Plaza, Brigade Road. Call: 42110024.