Artist-cum-teacher Priti Samyukta’s portraits are blended with different elements

The designs on the walls of Muse Art Gallery are refreshing. As artist Priti Samyukta walks us through her images displayed at the Gallery, the sparkle in her eyes is hard to miss. “Do you see the folk element in this work? It is present in the Kalamkari bedcover which I have,” she says excitedly. In fact, the self-portrait images have a decorative segment in them. “I am looking at myself in different clothes and surroundings,” says the artist and adds, “I love design and decoration. I love to be surrounded by beautiful designs and reflect that in my work. Be it the creepers growing in my house, mirror frames or the door handles of my kitchen door, curtains with block print … they are all aesthetic to look at and an inspiration for me,” she says.

The images have been interestingly blended with different elements. In one picture, one can see parrots sitting prettily. In another, the girl with a veil stares into the camera.

“I am a today’s woman dealing with personal and professional pressures and those issues are showcased in my works. For instance, the veil shown in the image can be used by the girl either for pollution or eve teasing. Or the monkeys depicted in my work reflect the human tendency to gossip and also talk about the monkey menace we residents of Tarnaka face,” she says.

Priti heads the department of Fine Arts in Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University.

Her job is a homecoming of sorts for her as she studied in the same college! “It was very nostalgic for me. I remembered all the places that we friends would sit on or have tea,” she recalls.

She has participated in many camps, held numerous group exhibitions and a solo exhibition in Texas. After her solo exhibition in the city in 2007, the present exhibition carries forward her works on portraits. Busy 24x7, Priti says that all her days are packed including Sundays! “I don’t have a Sunday. It’s not a complaint as I take all my roles, including being a mother, as lovable tasks. I am not here to prove myself; it’s just my passion to do so many things,” she says.

Currently she is reading Shiva Puranam as she is working on a series on Shiva.