Sit in the Verandah to get a taste of the real street food from Delhi

When dark clouds hover in the evening sky, only onethought can cheer us up. Something sweet, tangy, spicy and crunchy, something like a chaat? The words like Dahi papdi chaat, Dahi pakodi, Khasta kachori Aloo ki subzi, Moong daal ka chilla, Aloo tikki chaat, Palak patta chaat, Aloo matar chaat, are enough to banish the blues.

All these and more are available at Dilli Dil se, at the Verandah in The Park. Biting into a crunchy tangy aloo tikki chat as you sit facing the Husain Sagar Lake admiring the clouds may be the best thing on a rainy evening. And you can listen to some old Hindi numbers played to create the mood. At the entrance is a bicycle with a colourful seat cover with the label of Dabbang. A pushcart thelahas baskets with chana, matar, palli and papad neatly decorated in small bamboo baskets.

Inside Dilli Dil se, the burners are on, cooks dip different batters into piping hot oil to prepare different chaats.

Dilli Dil se isn't possible unless there are kulchaas and paranthas. Served in typical Delhi style, the kulchas and paranthas not only contribute to the spirit of the streets of Delhi but also the food being served in very generous portions (a typical Delhi trait) is an add on. And the generosity cannot be overlooked when your paneer parantha comes with a rather too generous dollop of butter.

Ignore all those calorie thoughts that zip in your mind. Roll the parantha, dip it in the bowl of pickle and savour the moment. If you are not the ‘parantha types' definitely try the Moong dal ka cheela with the sweet chutney. The cheela is nothing but a dosa made of moong dal batter. The cheela is stuffed with dry roasted paneer crumbs mixed with dry fruits like raisins and cashew nuts.

There are golgappas as well. At the food fest the puris served for the golgappas are made of suji.

After a hearty fill of tanginess it's time to bring in the sweet. Choices are many but nothing could be more satisfying then sinking your teeth into a hot crunchy jalebi with the sweet syrup oozing out in every bite. If you are looking for pure indulgence be at the Verandah before July 24.