Raghashri's ‘Suvai' seems to have caught the fanciful palate of its customers

For once oil-laced dosas and ghee-glistening kesari appear to be taking backseat as one finds people queuing up for takeaways – particularly ‘chicken Kolhapuri' and butter naans.

To run a restaurant in the heart of a middle-class residential pocket, where people are reluctant to eat out or try out anything else other than traditional items, demands courage aplenty.

True to its name, Raghashri's Suvai, explores different tastes to suit the palates of customers. It's well thought out menu is attracting young and old alike. With 50-odd capacity, this eatery's cash registers are jingling.

“When we started a decade ago at Mahatma Gandhi Nagar, concept of dining out was not so popular. But we kept improvising our menu and it paid off. Shifting to Krishnapuram Colony had little impact as it did not disturb our customer base. Now, we here at Old Natham Road, we are continuing to get good response,” beams S.Rengarajan, co-partner.

Good combo

The menu card offers a good combo of hot soups, crunchy starters, soft rotis and naans and spicy gravies. “Our take-aways are a hit. Majority go in for our gravies to be eaten with boiled rice or dosas at home. We also give our suggestions on best combinations,” he adds.

Among the Indian gravies, chicken preparations – including the mughlai, kolhapuri, patiala and shahjahani are moving fast.

Chicken when marinated in chilli, ginger-garlic paste, vinegar and jeera powder and cooked in rich tomato, coriander and cashew paste, it becomes shahjahani. While for the Patiala, minced boneless chicken, mashed potato, carrot, beans and cauliflower are mixed with chilli and coriander powder, salt and garam masala. It is then spread on an omelette and rolled. Tomato gravy is sprayed on the roll next and the dish is ready to be served hot.

An enticing mix of traditional biryanis and Chinese fried rice and noodles, offer customers a wide variety to choose from. The mixed non-veg fried rice with portions of mutton, chicken and boiled vegetables like carrot and cauliflower, is equally tasty.

Vegetarians too get a fair deal here with babycorn masala and mushroom manchurian to boot. Paneer butter masala is the most sought after vegetarian gravy.

During lunch hours (Noon to 3.30 p.m.), Suvai serves only biryanis and Chinese food. The elaborate menu is available only during evenings (6.30 p.m. to 11 p.m.). It also offers free home delivery for the orders within three kilometres radius.

For details dial 9790351458.

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