Christians in Hyderabad flock to cemeteries to remember and pray for the departed souls today

All Souls’ Day : Preview of Man’s Greatest Glory

All Souls’ Day on November 2 is celebrated by Christians all over the world. Strangely, but significantly, it is celebrated in a cemetery. On All Souls’ Day, the Church in a special way prays for the resurrection to all the departed souls, with the firm faith that “Just as in Adam all men die, so in Christ all will be made alive”. With this aspiration, the Church permits her priests to offer Holy Mass thrice on All Souls’ Day besides dedicating the month of November to the faithful departed.

On their part, the people flock to the graves of near and dear ones.

Tombs are trimmed up, white washed or painted, Sepulchres are strewn with flowers. The fragrance of roses and marigolds fills the air. Scented water is sprinkled on the tombs, and they are crested by a host of lighted candles as if to indicate the dear departed’s life lighted anew.

People in general understand resurrection as being raised to life again.