Festival Of Lamps till November 17

The dazzle of countless kuthuvilakkus, hanging lamps and agals creates a magical aura at the CP Arts Centre’s exhibition of traditional lamps. Poompuhar’s Festival Of Lamps is as much a celebration of Karthigai, the festival of lights, as it is a tribute to the Nachiarkoil artisan’s concepts, execution and eye for detailing that go into the crafting of each lamp.

While there are the classic kuthuvilakkus with their five wicks and elegant beauty, there are other varieties to which designer artisans have added their innovative touches.

The tone of excellence in aesthetics and artisanship is set by an eight-and-a-half-ft Lakshmi vilakku, with its curving branches holding the wicks and adorned by parrots and hamsas. Two eight-ft classic kuthuvilakkus greet one at the entrance, even as one takes in the dazzling display inside of hundreds of traditional lamps.

Lots to choose from

Beautiful Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Ganesh lamps are a picture of grace and craftsmanship. Auspicious Lakshmi Ashtothram lamps with 108 wicks, naga deepams, single-wick sumangali deepams, hanging lamps and sangu chakra deepams add allure to the collection while making festive and décor statements.

Rath deepams cast graceful shadows when lit, while a touch of Kerala is evident in the compelling Malabar lamp. Not be outdone in harmony and beauty is the tiny agal shaped like palms joined together in worship. The exhibition offers a traditional lamp for every taste and purse.

Festival Of Lamps is on at CP Art Centre, No. 1, Eldams Road, Alwarpet, till November 17.