As the singer crooned the popular Emraan Hashmi song Tuhi Meri Shab Hain with the accompaniment of the conga drums, a member of the audience got up, took few steps forward and after a few hesitating moves, danced in full swing. It was only a matter of time before more members from the audience joined the dance floor and unabashedly displayed their best moves. But what set this apart is that music and a live performance is not an everyday event for the residents of Little Sisters of the Poor — Home for the Aged at Padma Rao Nagar.

To mark the International Chefs Day, chefs and other staff members of Hyderabad Mariott Hotel and Convention Centre put together a ‘Cook for a Cause' programme where chefs prepared and served lunch to senior citizens in addition to organising a recreation programme before lunch.

“It was our Executive Chef Girish Krishnan's idea to reach out and serve senior citizens and make their day eventful,” said Ramesh Jackson, General Manager, Mariott. The chefs had visited the old age home a week in advance to familiarise themselves about the dietary needs before finalising the menu.

Apart from a musical performance by the staff members of Mariott, some of the residents of the centre also had prepared a five-minute skit to welcome their guests. “They love the company of the young and they enjoy any kind of music. More than gifts they look forward to the company and interaction. They have a topic to talk about for the whole of next week because of today's event,” said Sr. Kathleen.

After a light-hearted dance and music session where the chefs too joined amidst loud cheers, the action moved to the dining hall. A regular day transformed into a memorable one for these forgotten senior citizens tucked in a cosy corner of the city.