The ongoing Odisha Tribal and Temple Crafts Fair features a range of items unique to the State

Stunning dhokra work, tribal weaves in vegetable colours, lacquered paintings on canvas portraying tribal life, temple crafts throwing light on day-to-day life — the ‘Odisha Tribal and Temple Crafts Fair', on at C. P. Arts Centre, 1, Eldams Road, Alwarpet, is all this and more.

Colourful and captivating, most of the products on display have been contemporised to suit today's lifestyle. Choose from silver filigree items and jewellery — silver beaten into fine wires, twisted and joined to form delicate necklaces, rings, bracelets, ‘jooda' pins and brooches.

Also on view is Patachitra art which has morphed from painted temple murals to canvas and tussar frames. Pipli work (appliqué), which originally embellished temple torans, tombais and chatris, now adds beauty to gardens and homes.

Besides, there is a range of Odisha's textiles in cotton, tussar and silk, ikat weaves with evocative motifs, images on palm leaf, clay craft and beads.

Crafts from other parts of the country also form part of the display.

The exhibition is on till August 27.

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MetroplusJune 28, 2012

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