Coconut is an important ingredient in most food preparations. This tasty sweet dish with coconut as the main ingredient is easy to make and can keep for two days without refrigeration. I learnt this recipe from my grandmother.

What you need

Coconut, big -1

Jaggery - 150 gm

Ghee - 50 ml

Raw rice - 50 gm

Cardamom - 5

Cashewnuts - 20

Water – 1/4 l

Cooking instructions

Wash raw rice and soak. After two hours grind finely.

Grate the coconut finely and grind well with cardamom.

Mix the ground pastes and grind again.

On a high flame place a pan with jaggery and pour some water to dilute it.

Add the coconut-rice-cardamom-mix to the melting jaggery and stir well.

Add ghee slowly while stirring the mixture.

Stir continuously on a high flame till the water evaporates from the halwa.

When ghee leaves the sides of the pan, add cashewnuts and mix.

Remove and allow to cool.

Garnish with cashewnuts and serve.

Ambily M. Kumaran is an IT consultant who loves cooking, modelling, writing and fashion designing.

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