All of us have an Achilles’ heel while shopping; that something we keep adding to our wardrobe, even though our closets are overflowing with them. While for some, it’s bags of different shapes, sizes and colours, for others it is clothes, shoes, the latest in technology... And celebrities are no different. Here are some glitterati admitting what makes them go weak in the knees while shopping.

Rahul Raj

It has got to be shirts, especially half sleeved ones. Before I turned a music director, I was working in the IT industry. When I first joined work, my friends and I would spend part of our income shopping for formal shirts as we needed them for our daily wear. I guess the craze for shirts started then. However, I don’t just pick up any random shirt; it has to be the right fit. Although I like pastel colours, I have a large collection of blacks in my closet. Right now, I have an affinity with white.

Deepak Dev

Shirts! It all started when I was invited to be a judge of a reality show in 2006. Since I was appearing in front of the camera, I had to be well dressed. My wife helps me out at times. When I go shopping on my own, she gives me stern instructions to steer away from shirts in shades of blue and black as I have a weakness for these colours. I however, do end up buying shirts in those shades.


When I first entered the movie industry I wasn’t that tuned in to fashion. That has changed however. I enjoy shopping for bags and rings. I have bags in different shapes and sizes. Earlier, I used to end up buying bags in either black or white; now I have added other colours too. I prefer simple, elegant designs when it comes to rings.

I have a weakness for Pashmina shawls and have quite a collection of shawls in various hues and designs. Bags, rings and shawls can help add colour to even the minimalistic of outfits.

Ranjani Haridas

I enjoy shopping and I shop for what most women shop for – clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics… Right now, I find myself shopping for watches; it’s classy. I prefer chunky watches and have stopped wearing bangles, which I was once crazy about.

I dislike purchasing watches of the same brand and so I take time to decide on one. My favourite is a watch from Calvin Klein. I also have a penchant for sunglasses and bags. In fact, when people ask what I want for my birthday, I say, “Watch, bag or sunglass”.

Remya Nambeeshan

I am not a shopaholic but when I do step out to shop, it’s usually for clothes, either Indian or Western. I like well tailored clothes and tend to pick up clothes in shades of pink. Black, maroon and sky blue are my weaknesses too. I usually shop for accessories online as I dislike getting mobbed while out shopping.