Filmmaker Lenin Rajendran makes a documentary to mark the golden jubilee of All Saints’ College

All Saints’ College is all set to celebrate its golden jubilee with many events and programmes. Commemorating the milestone is a documentary on the college made by veteran filmmaker Lenin Rajendran. He is busy editing the work that will be screened at the official inauguration of the golden jubilee fete.

“The 45-minute documentary travels back in time, capturing the history of the college that was started to provide quality education to young women from coastal areas of Thiruvananthapuram. Today it is one of the premier academic institutions in the country, where you find students from all walks of life,” says Lenin.

Run by the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious, it was founded in 1964 and used to function at Holy Angels’ Convent before it was shifted to the present location near Chakka in 1967.

“Then this area had just white sand. Over the years it has been converted into an oasis of greenery, thanks to the hard work of the management, teachers and students,” says Susan Edel Lopuz, Principal of the college. She adds: “Through this documentary, we would like to show what the scene was like when we started off and where the college stands now.”

The institution, which started off with 277 students, now has over 2,000 students. “Even though the management is quite strict with regard to the running of the college, extra-curricular activities are promoted in a big way. It has done well in academic and non-academic areas. The alumnae of the college have made name in the fields of literature, sports, cinema, teaching and so on. All that will be covered in the documentary,” Lenin says.

The experience has been quite rewarding, says the filmmaker. “This is my first documentary on any college. The students and staff were absolutely friendly to the camera and to my crew,” he says.