P.L. Jose plays with photo colours, a transparent and flowing medium

Looking at P.L. Jose's works in “The Others” at the Alliance Francaise on November 12 was like watching a nice, cheerful Disney cartoon.

All his works are a blend of bright photo colours — shades of vivid reds, blues, greens and yellows blending into pinks and lavenders — in different patterns. Sometimes they are large swathes of colours blending into each other, sometimes they form channels that make inky tributaries, sometimes they are circular pools.

Peeking from underneath the colours are the drawings, of a plethora of friendly animal cartoons (it's only appropriate to call them that, since that's how they're represented, all smiles) including fish, sharks, turtles, elephant, lions, insects, sea horses, whales and birds.

“The works are all done using photo colours and ball point pen on watercolour paper. The idea of doing an exhibition like this struck me when I was playing around with photo colours, which are a transparent and flowing medium,” says artist P.L. Jose, co-founder of “Bring your own art”.

He has put the flow of the colours to good use. One can actually see the colours blending into each other to form new shades on paper.

“I first applied the colours on paper, moving it so that they blend. I used my finger to blend the colours in certain areas. Once the colours dried out, photo colours take a short fifteen minutes to dry in afternoon sunlight, I took my time to draw the animal figures using a ball point pen,” adds Jose.

For more information on P.L. Jose, visit www.pljose.com.