Salons and spas in the city offer exotic manicures and pedicures

These days looking well-groomed is no longer just about having a toned face or lustrous hair. It’s also about having well-nourished hands and feet. This awareness about taking good care of one’s hands and feet has led to the sprouting of beauty parlours and spas that offer professional help in managing and maintaining their natural texture. From college-going young men and women to the elderly, manicure and pedicure have many takers in the city.

Cashing in on the trend, beauty salons in the city now provide an inviting range of hand and feet care services. In addition to cleansing, scrubbing, application of a pack and a massage, these centres promise to turn rough and worn-out hands and feet to their hydrated and supple best. Nail care forms an integral part of the regimen and hand and toe nails too are made to sparkle.

At Natura Day Spa for Women at Kochar Road, Jagathy, for example, one can soak tired hands and feet in a bath filled with rose petals and aromatic herbal oils. Says Nishi Roy, chief executive officer and beauty therapist: “Manicure and pedicure improve blood circulation, besides making hands and feet clean and healthy and devoid of any tan.” The spa, which is exclusively for women, offers ‘normal’ manicure and pedicure and the ‘spa’ version of it too. “In the spa manicure and pedicure, there is a more elaborate massage with herbal oils ,” explains Nishi. Natura also has a ‘fish spa’ manicure and pedicure services. “The fish eat away dead skin, leaving the feet clean,” says Nishi. The 20-minute fish spa session costs Rs 600.

Catalyst Salon & Spa at Panavila Junction has ‘regular’, ‘aroma’, ‘French’, ‘paraffin’ and ‘spa’ manicure and pedicure that are priced between Rs. 350 and Rs. 700. The duration ranges from 45 minutes to one hour. Proprietor Deepa Fenn says: “The response has been good from customers, including men. We have the elderly and even diabetics coming to us for pedicure services. Our pedicure attends to ingrown nails and calluses and corns.” Deepa recommends paraffin pedicure for those with cracks on their heels. “Regular pedicure, at least, once a month can resolve the problem of cracked heels. We offer a choice of flavours such as chocolate, lavender and rose for those opting for paraffin manicure and pedicure.”

Fables say Egyptian queen Cleopatra maintained her famed beauty from bathing in milk. Strands Aaroos Day Spa and Salon, Bakery Junction, offers ‘Cleopatra milk manicure and pedicure’ that promises to treat customers to a luxurious experience. Owner Karthika Ajith says: “Aroma-based therapy services are good for tan removal and correction of skin dryness that is caused by using detergents.” She recommends chocolate spa manicure for taking care of wrinkles on the hand, a tell-tale sign of ageing. Strands Aaroos also has dedicated parlours for men and women at Style Plus, Kowdiar.

Naturals Spa & Salon, Vazhuthacaud, meanwhile, offers manicure and pedicure options such as ‘spa immerse’, ‘radiant hands and feet’, ‘intense moisturising’, ‘classic manicure and pedicure’. Akhil P.M., manager of the salon, explains: “The ‘spa immerse’ package will make skin more youthful and hydrated. In intense moisturising, warm and softening paraffin treatment, and full length massage is given after exfoliation.” Indulge yourselves.