The Hangout: The flight of stairs that lead to the first year classes

The Location: Next to the Chemistry lab and quite close to the boys’ hostel

Rush Hour: Lunch break

What's to love: The fact that there's no staff room in and around this area is the main reason why students prefer to hangout here.

While most usually come here to have their lunch, others frequent this spot especially at the beginning of a new academic year when the fresher's join college. It's apparently a good place for seniors and juniors to get acquainted with each other.

During internal exams, tense youngsters throng this place busying themselves with last minute tutoring and revision and before a practical class the students usually sit here and complete their record books.

Male boarders obviously like to chill out here because it's just a few meters away from the hostel. Interestingly, this seems to be the favourite joint on campus because these stairs face the entrance of the girls' hostel.

What's not to: The students get annoyed when they've to make way for people who go up and down the stairs. Also, since the canteen isn't close to this area, those who don't bring packed lunches and need to eat at the canteen don't find much point hanging out here. Also this isn't the place to be when one bunks a class.

Alternative: Parking lot and this stretch of concrete near the parking area that the students are actually not permitted to sit on!