Stand in front of a low-pulley cable machine with your feet shoulder width apart (or slightly wider)

Attach a long, non-rotating handle to the pulley

Get a partner to pull it up to your shoulder level and place it across as pictured

Keep your elbows up to avoid the handle from slipping

Squat down till your thighs are parallel to the ground

Rise up and return to starting position


Leaning forward

Rounding the back

Locking out the knees at the top position

Bouncing action

Raising the heels while descending

Targeted muscles:

Thigh muscles such as vastus lateralis, medialis, rectus femoris

Also works the glueteus and hamstrings

Who it helps:

All sports persons such as gymnasts, football, volleyball and kabadi players

Help to build size in the thigh muscles

Helps to increase muscularity in the thighs