Vodafone Essar has launched Vodafone R201— a unique mobile Wi-Fi device in India. It is a portable mobile wi-fi terminal which can be used by five users simultaneously to connect to Vodafone's 3G network. It contains a SIM slot to connect to the 3G network. It has a battery life of up to four hours and allows users to enjoy uninterrupted 3G internet services. It is priced at Rs. 5,500 and is available at select stores.


Titan has launched the Octane range. The textured dial with the chronograph function inside the muscular bezel ringed case give the watches a sporty look. The OC – 312 is created from stainless steel with a duo decagonal bezel ring held together by a solid link bracelet. The complex dial with its angle cut hands and etched numerals lends vibrancy. The VD-57 chronograph movement used in the watch arms it with functionality like measuring time with an unerring accuracy of 1/10th of a second, date by disc among many others. The watches are priced from Rs. 5, 995 to Rs. 8,995 and are available at select stores.

T-SHIRTS has launched the ‘Combat Series' t-shirts. The inspiration for the combat series has been drawn from the dark face of war, and is aimed at making people realise the futility of war. Most of the designs have been made with metallic colours on black, further highlighting the contrast between war and peace. The designs draw inspiration from military art and related art forms. They are priced at Rs. 399 and are available ay


Britannia has launched Vita Marie Gold, a tea time biscuit that is light and filled with nutrition. These low-fat, cholesterol-free biscuits are made of 58 per cent cereal, milk protein and 10 essential vitamins. It is available at retail outlets and is priced from Rs. 8 onwards.


United Colours of Benetton has launched the Spring/Summer collection. The Women's collection includes the Army Lover's Look, the rigour of military clothing is softened by romantic, ultra-feminine touches. It comprises cotton teamed with linen, silk and viscose creates blouses and shirts, T-shirts, dresses, trousers and skirts. The palette centres around powdery shades of pinks, greens and greys. The Parachute Look consists of details inspired by parachuting are the main feature of a mini collection. It consists of knits with fabric inserts, strategically placed silhouette-highlighting padded elements etc.


Nike has launched a new range of deodorants and perfumes. For men, it consists of four fragrances. For women, Nike has introduced fresh and invigorating fragrant elements which contain a combination of pleasing natural fragrances ranging from Spicy Love, Blue fantasy, Pink Paradise and Sensual Touch. It is priced from Rs. 950 onwards and is available in select stores.

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