Fun and flamboyance mark Farah Khan's jewellery. In Chennai to launch her new line, the designer speaks about staying committed to the inner rhythms of her work

Days before Farah Khan comes to Chennai for the launch of her new line at Studio Saks, our inbox is flooded with mails containing photographs of sports and cine stars from the West donning statement jewellery by the designer. For someone whose client roster reads like a wish list, Farah surprisingly comes across as downright natural. As she speaks about her design process – from conception to completion – it's clear she derives incredible satisfaction while translating what's on her mind onto her pieces – all using her hands.

Excerpts from an interview.

IN MY NATURE My new collection features beautiful motifs drawn from Nature's pulchritude. Animals — particularly the tiger — are a highlight of this collection. I've used a range of precious and semi-precious stones in an exciting palette to go with the theme of Nature. Like all my pieces, there are no flat surfaces here too — they are multi-dimensional. Chandelier earrings are back. And long necklaces are in.

WHAT INSPIRES ME Anything — the curve of a woman's body, nuances in architecture, an animal grazing in the sun or even a picture. Creative people see the world through a different perspective. There's so much beauty around to inspire you.

CREATIVE CHALLENGE I get bored easily. I try to beat boredom by pushing boundaries and challenging myself. This time round, I deliberately chose animal motifs because it takes up to five months to handcraft a tiger and encrust it with stones. I'm so kicked about design. I love every moment of the design process — right from sketching. I'm deeply committed to the inner rhythms of my work that sometimes I feel bad when a piece gets sold! It's like my baby is leaving me.

CALL OF COMMERCE Recently, a trade body mentioned that my jewellery was in demand in over 50 fashion outlets in the country. But, I really haven't taken the big jump. Jewellery designing is work-intensive. I can't get into mass production and dilute my quality. I have two standalone stores (in Mumbai and New Delhi). I'm happy doing shows in other metros and overseas destinations. The product is the king, there cannot be any compromise.

PRICE TAGS I don't cater to a market where price is the priority. To my clients, design has to be the priority. That's why even my tagline is ‘Precious is priceless'. Having said that, I'd like to add that on popular demand, I plan to introduce a prêt line that's affordable to youngsters.

WORKAHOLIC Yes, I really don't take time off work — except to relax with my children. When it comes to work, I lead by example. I work much more than my team.

MY WOMAN Is confident about herself. She loves fun and flamboyance. She's definitely not someone who decks herself up from head to toe. Less is more. Just one statement piece will do. Also, she has to be beautiful inside out.

(Exhibition at Studio Saks, Gopalapuram, on February 4)


MetroplusJune 28, 2012