Diabetics are more likely to develop ‘silent heart attacks’ as nerves fail to report pain impulses to the brain

Most of the reasons for diabetes and heart disease may be similar, but often heart disease can be caused by diabetes itself. The body has a mechanism wherein the glucose in the blood circulation is transferred to the cells and the insulin produced by the pancreas helps in breaking it down to produce energy required for the metabolic activities of the body. But under some circumstances, the glucose remains unutilized in the blood due to insufficient insulin production or the insulin is not effective enough to do its job. But there are certain ways the increased blood sugar levels can precipitate a heart disease.

There is a build up of plaque in the lining of the blood vessels and if it happens in the vessels itself, it precipitates a heart attack. In diabetics, the degeneration of the lining of the vessels takes place earlier making it easier for increased cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipid levels to stick to the surface of the vessel easily.

Just as there is a under-utilization of insulin in the blood there is also resistance to usage of other hormones; individuals are more prone to inflammation of the vessels in the body that only hasten the degeneration of the vessels causing heart issues.

Decreased blood circulation

Diabetes also causes decreased blood circulation to the muscles of the heart and cause more likelihood of coronary heart disease. It also means that the nerves supplying the heart also are deficient of circulation and do not function at their best. If there is a mild heart attack the nerves are not competent enough to cause the impulse of pain and so the pain remains unreported to the brain. That is the reason why diabetics are more likely to develop ‘silent heart attacks’. The heart muscle is also damaged, thus pushing the remaining muscles to take up the load and work harder than normal. This causes it to weaken further over a period of time and the body’s needs are not served. This weakening of the heart muscle also releases certain proteins into the blood that can further harm the heart and hasten heart failure.

It is imperative to prevent the risk factors that can precipitate this disease. A healthy diet rich in fibre is essential while consuming foods that are not refined and coax the metabolism to work harder and release the blood sugar that is required for energy.

Being physically active will keep away many an illness and the factors that precipitate diseases. Giving up smoking and alcohol would go a long way too. Homoeopathic remedies help too. To see that the inflammation along the blood vessels is curtailed, one can use remedies like Ars alb, Sulph, Lycopodium, Calc carb, etc. and the build up of plaque in the vessels can be slowed down with Crataegus, Chelidonium, Viscum album and the degeneration of blood vessels can be dealt with by Belladonna, Baryta mur etc.