Linux Kernel Development

Robert Love

(Dorling Kindersley (India), Rs. 550)

This is an inside look at the Linux kernel, and is updated to align with the latest features of the Linux 2.6 kernel.

A theoretical and practical coverage of the Linux kernel, this book is a reference on the applications of a wide range of algorithms, paging strategies and kernel synchronisation methods. It covers all the major subsystems of Linux 2.6 kernel and presents a list of updates as well.

Academic, as it is meant to be, this book a helpful tool for both students and professionals.

The Magic Of Thinking Big

David J. Schwartz

(Simon & Schuster, Rs. 450)

Here’s a self-help book that’s a plan-oriented guide to achieving success in a systematic step-by-step layout. David Schwartz combines his life experiences with interesting stories to arrange his premise for readers. He begins with the story of a salesman who, by the simple law of expectation, managed to sell more even though he had nothing else going for him. He wasn’t smarter nor did he work harder than others, but he simply thought he could sell more.

This is the beauty of positive thinking and the author lays this premise down not just in the frame of the present but also in terms of the future. Making your attitude your ally is an old trick in the book, but Schwartz holds down this classic take with a more or less relevant view that is easily comprehensible to readers. He also tells readers about the importance of broadcasting good news and talks about the effects of good news as a placebo to further knocking of news of similar accord.

The book also looks into the three failure diseases — excuse-itis, detail-itis, and procrastination. He provides simple and effective analogies to explicate these failures and how they manifest in the mind of any individual.

Interestingly, the legendary football coach, Lou Holtz, credits this book for his personal successes.

Who Will Cry When You Die?

Robin Sharma

(Jaico Publishing House, Rs. 175)

Another definitive voice of the human spirit that doesn’t just grapple with the mundane but with the higher purpose of a legacy. In the pursuit of material accomplishments and tangibles, people often forget their inner voice. This is where Robin Sharma steps in with this self-help book.

What about the pursuit of happiness then? For everyone looking for inspiration to lead a more meaningful life and seek out newer horizons, this book takes them on a life altering journey. There are many lessons that are bound to push readers into a more thoughtful plane from where self discovery is the inevitable goal.

Sharma eggs the readers on to truly discover their calling through one lesson. Another deals with deeming troubles as blessings instead. In another chapter, he asks readers to enjoy not just the end but also the journey that leads to the final objective.

The stories are more often than not employed with a number of personal observations and experiences that render the content more real.