What The Plus!: Google+ For The Rest Of Us Version 2.0

Guy Kawasaki

(TataMcgraw Hill Education; Rs. 325)

What are the most important Google+ mechanics? This book has some answers. Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist of Apple and cofounder of Alltop.com, lists the best ways to get started, construct a compelling profile, achieve trustworthiness, optimise for social searches, post and share comments and photos, respond to comments and gain followers.

There are around 15 chapters; each tackles one aspect — how and where to start; how to create an attractive profile; how to share posts; how to hang out and chat; how to get Google+ help, and how to master Google+… to name a few

Today, Google+ has more than 200 million users and the number is still increasing, according to a market survey. And in this book, Kawasaki, who has a busy schedule delivering lectures at organisations such as Nike, Audi, Wal-Mart, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Stanford University, puts his thoughts on paper in a lucid manner.

Make Your Brain Work: How To Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity And Effectiveness

Amy Brann

(Kogan Page, Rs. 395)

Brain science is a fascinating subject. The power of the brain is unlimited, and how to make it tick depends, well, on its user.

Here, Amy Brann tells you how to transform the way you work by acquiring the habits that make your brain work at its best. It’s all about increasing your efficiency and effectiveness by applying the latest insights from neuroscience. Amy, an expert in brain science, talks about habits, learning techniques and behaviour patterns that will help you get the results you want, by making your brain work for you. Leave stress, negative thoughts and poor time management behind – and Make Your Brain Work. If you are a busy professional who wants to get the most out of yourself and your time, this book is your passport to a new, improved you.


Rohit Bhargava

(Harper Collins India, Rs. 399)

In any relationship, personal or business, trust plays a pivotal role. People decide whom to trust, what advice to heed, and which individual to choose for bonding big time. And all this is based on a simple metric of believability. Success too comes from understanding one basic principle: how to be more trusted.

This book offers a new view of a world beyond Facebook where personal relationships, honesty, simplicity and basic humanity are behind everything, be it a multi-million dollar merger or a record-breaking product sales.

Using case studies and individual stories, this book gives a peep into a world where these principles have been used to great advantage.

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Between the coversJanuary 30, 2013

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